Our Leaders

Alan & Beverley Molineaux

Alan & Beverley are Ministers at AVCC.  Both, originally from Manchester, they lived in Norfolk for 19 years, where they led a Church in a market town.

Beverley is also a Practice Nurse in Bradford having originally trained as a Midwife. She did her theological training with Mattersey Bible College.

Alan works for the church part time and trained for the ministry with the Cambridge Theological Federation, where he obtained an MA in Pastoral Theology.  Alan and Beverley have four daughters and live in Bingley.

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Alan is @ almolx
Beverley is @ bevmolx


Beverley’s Blog is at  http://www.beverleymolineaux.blogspot.co.uk/

Alan’s Blog is at http://evangelicalmorphodoxy.blogspot.co.uk/ and http://www.alanmolineaux.com/


Simon & Joanne Phipps

Simon and Jo completed their final year at Mattersey Bible College in July 2008 where they both obtained a BA in theology. Having been married in 2008 they joined us as Associate Ministers. They both work for a large local company and live in Crossflatts.

Simon’s Blog is at www.simon-phipps.blogspot.com