Welcome to Aire Valley Community Church

Who is welcome at Aire Valley Community Church:
You are.
LGBTQ? yes. atheist? yes. Christian? yes. food banks? yes. 1% yes. anarchist? yes. buddhist? yes. muslim? yes. totally unsure? yes. black? yes. white? yes. straight? yes. anglo? yes. asian? yes. cisgender? yes. transgender? yes. old? yes. young? yes.

(Thank you to our wonderful friends at Bushwick Abbey for the above).

We are a growing, contemporary church in the heart of the Aire Valley covering the two Yorkshire towns of Bingley and Keighley.

Established in 2008 we meet in a number of venues around the area; please see the CONTACT US section on this website for venue details.

We aim to be a Rooted-Open church.

What does that mean?
Well! We look to be ‘Rooted’ by maintaining our heritage in the historic Christian faith, and look to be ‘Open’ by producing a church family and programme that is relevant for today’s world.

It is hard to put into a few words what AVCC is all about so we hope that you can join us one Sunday and experience a great welcome, lively worship, and relevant, life-application teaching.

You are also welcome to listen in to our regular Sunday teaching in the media section on this site. Here you will find available a number of podcasts.

Thank you for visiting our website.

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Joanne, Simon, Beverley, Alan