Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:30am and lasts for about seventy-five minutes.

The service is family friendly and we welcome people of all ages. We try to make our main weekly meeting as accessible as possible and welcome people of all faiths and none to explore more about the historic Christian message in a relevant way.

Following our service we have refreshments available giving people time to have valuable conversations in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Our Sunday Services tend to take one of three formats:

Normal Service

This service takes place most of the time, it involves corporate worship and a sermon.

Cafe Style Service

This service is arranged in a cafe style with chairs and tables. There is more time for fellowship and the service has an emphasis on interactivity.

Church In The Round

This service is arranged in a large circle that is excellent for sharing. We are each encouraged to share about our faith journey.

Find us at every Sunday at:

St Aidan’s Church
Canal Road, Crossflatts, Bingley
BD16 2SR